Does my company need to participate in PPSWG?

Current household pharmaceutical products and sharps take-back laws in place require “producers” and “manufacturers” to be responsible for take-back programs. The household pharmaceutical products and sharps take-back laws define what a producer or manufacturer is, and what the requirements are. It is a company’s responsibility to know in which jurisdictions it must be compliant. Contact PPSWG for more information.

How do I participate with MED-Project’s programs?

A producer must be a member of PPSWG to participate in MED-Project programs. Membership in PPSWG covers the parent company, along with all affiliates and subsidiaries. For more information on becoming a PPSWG member, please call us: (202) 495-3131, or email us at membership@ppswg.org.

Are PPSWG members required to pay a fee for all jurisdictions with product stewardship take-back laws regulations?

MED-Project operates a different take-back program in each jurisdiction. Producers pay a MED-Project program participation fee for each program in which they participate. Every producer must also pay PPSWG membership dues.

What county, city, and state reporting is covered through my membership with PPSWG?

You choose which jurisdictions you would like to participate in, and MED-Project will notify the jurisdictions on your behalf that it is your plan operator.  MED- Project submits a list of participating producers to the jurisdictions, which contains information required by the ordinances and/or laws such as company points of contact and addresses.  In some jurisdictions, there may be additional reporting requirements, but PPSWG informs its members of those requirements if they require action from the members.